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Flat transmission belt processing

· belt perforations,grooves

· thicker rubber coated

· high density foam or sponge covered

· profiles guiding

· other special processing machine tapes and power transmission belts

Conveyor belt processing

TIGER provides special production processing belts, including curved belt, perforations belt, sealed belt, knife edge belt, profiles and sidewalls belt, rubber coated belt, antistatic belt, felt belt, low-noise belt, wear-resistant belt, silicone belt, flame-retardant belt, environmental friendly belt, cutting-resistant belt.

Timing belt processing

1. Timing belts jointing systems

· spliced timing belt

· truly seamless belt

2. Special processing

· belt perforations,grooves

· thicker rubber coated

· high density foam or sponge covered

· profiles or cleats guiding

PTFE belt processing

▪ Ox joint

  Ox joint system is applied to teflon PTFE mesh belts.


▪ Overlap

  Overlap joint system is applied to PTFE fabric and adhesive belts.


▪ Fastener joint

  Fastener joint system can be used for both teflon mesh belts and PTFE fabric belts.


▪ Seamless belt

Round belt processing

The advanges of high frequency jointing system are

-fast joint

-lower product wastage

-high strength splice


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