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Last December,Tiger(Fujian) Industrial Belt Co,Ltd opend a new factory in Shishi city with new products---designing whole conveyor system including modular plastic belt. And We are now proud to be able to offer optimal conveyor system solutions to our customers: Working with customers and leading research institutions, Tiger(Fujian) Industrial Belt Co,Ltd has developed new conveying concepts that complement new systems and approaches. Within our purpose-built R&D centres, we are continuously optimising our products, meeting new challenges, such as higher operating speeds and temperatures, the need for increased cleanability and durability, and ever more stringent standards of hygiene and safety.We create new solutions to meet new challenges!
On December 9th, the Third General Meeting & 2021 Annual Celebration of the Fujian Sanitary Products Association was held in Jinjiang. With the theme of "Common Development," the conference gathered represented enterprises of domestic and foreign sanitary products, materials, equipment and other industries, as well as bigshots of new retail, new marketing, new technology and other fields. As a vice president of chamber of commerce, Tiger(Fujian)’s general manager attended this meeting and commended the "advanced enterprises" and "advanced individuals" in the fight against virus from 2020 to 2021
Tiger Industrial Belts offers PVC,PU conveyor belts, flat drive belts,timing belts and V belts for rubber and plastic manufactuing line and packaging machines.
Tiger(Fujian) Industrial Belt family organized a trip to Volcanic Island!
On March 3, Chen Liangcai, secretary general of the Fujian Province Industrial Culture Association, and his party walked into Tiger (Fujian) Industrial Belt Co., Ltd., have in-depth understanding of the company's resumption of work and production after the holiday, and awarded plaques to the governing units.
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In short, integrity, transparency and mutual trust is Tiger Industrial Belt’s foundation of close cooperation with customers. Tiger Industrial Belt’s aspiration is being a reliable partner whose mission is total customer satisfaction.

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