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Automotive and Tire

The automotive and tire industries require a wide range of industrial belting.  Tiger offers high performance conveyor and processing belts, power transmission belts, as well as timing belts and modular belts, specifically the belts for withhold heavy loads and working conditions at high temperatures.


Tiger offers a various product range for yarn processing, textile printing and nonwoven. Yarn processing factories mainly use high-performance flat belts, which offer the best performance in tangential, spindle, circular knitting, machine tapes and drive belts.

In the non-woven industry, the demand is more for our process and conveyor belts which provide efficient flow of bales, fibres, bobbins and packages.


Yarn processing

-tangential belts

-spindle tapes


Production processes in the printing and paper industry require a vast array of different belts. Tiger offers a broad product range that includes feeder belts, machine tapes, driving belts, timing belts, plastic modular belts and chains, conveyor belts, complementary products, and services for all types of applications.

-paper converting

-carton box folder-gluers

-corrugated carton boxes


-mail sorting


Thanks to our thorough understanding of application requirements, customer-focused approach, and broad product range, Tiger wide range of feeder belts, machine tapes, power transmission belts, conveyor belts, plastic modular belts and timing belts meets any requirements for a safe and hygienic packaging of any type of product

-vertical form fill machine

-accumulation and inclined belts

-check weigher and lableling



-shrinkwrapping and packaging


-case packing


High quality and superior hygiene standards are essential in the food processing industry,Tiger manufactures belts for use with high or low temperatures, with excellent resistance to oils and fats and superb release characteristics. We provides tailor-made belting solutions across an extensive range of food processing and packaging applications.

-confectionery and chocolate production and processing

-meat, poultry and sea food processing

-dairy processing and bakery

-agriculture and fruits & vegetables from harvest, sorting to processing

-food packaging


Tiger is your guarantee of reliability in feeding, loading & unloading, curves, transportation and sorting at airports, distribution centers and supermarkets. The good materials and high-quality joints support logistics and manufacturing processes in a wide variety of industries.

-conveyor and processing belts, timing belts for input stage

-conveyor and processing belts, timing belts for merging, gapping

-conveyor and processing belts, timing belts for identification

-conveyor and processing belts, transmission belts, timing belts for induction to sorter

-conveyor and processing belts, timing belts for sorter

-conveyor and processing belts, timing belts for outfeed, final stage

-conveyor and processing belts, transmission belts, timing belts for conveyor sub-systems, modules


Our wide range of belts and covers allows you to select the optimal combination for your sizing, cutting and polishing in marble, granite, glass and ceramic. Tiger belts run smoothly and free of elasticity, offering full reliability, high-quality production and fast replacement on your lines.

-cutting machines

-calibration and sizing machines

-polishing machines

-chamfer machines


The Tiger offer includes power transmission, conveyor, processing and timing belts for sawmills, board manufactures, furniture manufacturers and finish lines.





-membranes for veneering


Tiger provides a range of treadmill belt types to meet the traditional treadmill belts as well as maintenance-free types for commercial and institutional treadmill units.

Not only the treadmill belts, Tiger also offers power belt in weight training machines, conveyor and processing belts, timing belts for bowling and snowing boarding, and belts for mahjong machine.

More Industries

Tiger focuses on researching and developing new designs for the special needs of your industry

Don’t hesitate to contact us, Tiger engineers will be happy to offer you customized belting solution.


In short, integrity, transparency and mutual trust is Tiger Industrial Belt’s foundation of close cooperation with customers. Tiger Industrial Belt’s aspiration is being a reliable partner whose mission is total customer satisfaction.

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