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How to store an industrial belt?


How to store an industrial belt?

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  • Time of issue:2022-04-24 17:35:39
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Different industrial belts are used in different mechanical products and it's necessary to know how to store industrial belts which can prolong the service life of industrial belts.

Some Tips About Industrial Belt Storage:
1. Belts and pulleys should be kept clean and free from oil and water.
2. When the belt is installed, check the transmission system to see whether the transmission shaft is vertical to the transmission wheel, whether the transmission shaft is parallel, and whether the transmission wheel is on a plane, if not, it should be corrected.
3. Do not get grease or other chemicals on the belt.
4. Do not apply tools or external force directly to the belt when installing the belt.
5. The better operating temperature range of the belt is: -40°-120°C.During storage, the temperature of the warehouse should be kept between -15~40 degrees Celsius, and the relative humidity should be kept between 50%~80%.
6. The belt should not be deformed due to excessive weight during storage, prevent mechanical damage, and should not be bent and squeezed too much.
7. During storage and transportation, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, keep clean and prevent contact with substances that affect the quality of rubber such as acid-base oils and organic solvents.

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